Courses Offered


The purpose of this class is to teach methods to avoid dangerous situations and prevent criminal confrontations.   Topics address personal safety issues and situational awareness, as well as home, automobile, telephone, technology and travel security.  Participants are presented with a variety of common-sense strategies and devices they may integrate into their daily lives to enhance their sense of personal security and self-reliance.   Appropriate for teenagers and up.


Introduction to Pistol Shooting

This  Course introduces students to the safety concepts and skills  necessary for owning and using a pistol.  Students learn about pistol parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, pistol shooting fundamentals, and pistol shooting activities.  A unique aspect of this IEC course is that all guns and ammunition are provided, and at the end of the course a wide variety of pistols are introduced for participants to handle and shoot with.  In this way we hope to educate our students in the variations in styles and sizes of handguns before they purchase a firearm that may not work well for them.  Students already owning a handgun are encouraged to bring it to receive coaching with their personal firearm.  Ear and eye protection required (can be provided if we know).

Intermediate Pistol Courses:

We build on the basics, teaching such skills as shooting from various positions, using cover and concealment, and clearing malfunctions.  The legal implication and ramifications of carrying a firearm are discussed in depth.  At this level, we expect the student to provide his or her own gun, ammunition, eye and ear protection.

Advanced Defensive Handgun

This course is held entirely at the range and focuses on advanced tactical shooting while moving and shooting from various positions under stress. Student must provide own handgun with holster and magazine holders as well as 500 rounds of ammo.  At least two extra magazines are needed.  Serious discussions regarding how various types of ammunition function in different situations are included, specifically regarding penetration and damage factors to walls and other structures as well as people, with an eye to safety of family, friends and bystanders.  Concealed Carry permit required.

Defensive Rifle with Handgun Transitions

This course is held entirely at the range and focuses on defensive use of the rifle in a variety of settings.  Extensive time is spent on moving while focussed on targets, attaining and recovering from various shooting positions, tactical reloads, using cover and concealment, and switching from rifle to handgun and back. Student must provide own rifle with carry sling and handgun with holster and magazine holders.  Expect to use 100 rounds of rifle ammo and 250 rounds of handgun.  At least two extra magazines for both is required.  Ear and eye protection and  Concealed Carry permit required.

Skill Builder Sessions

Opportunities for graduates of basic and upper level firearm courses to hone skills for every day use or in preparation for the next level.  Pistol/ Shotgun and/ or Rifle.  Must be graduate of one or more IEC firearms classes or have instructor permission.  Students expected to bring own firearm and ammo (with notice we may have ammo to sell or guns for students to test).  These are typically two-hour sessions to provide coaching and supervised experience with specific skills TBA prior to each.

First Aid for Penetrating Trauma

A two-hour course providing the latest information to bystanders and first responders on dealing with serious injuries that may be encountered during shooting.

Concealed Carry Techniques for Women

A two-hour course for women to frankly discuss, see, and test several types various types of concealed carry options for female shooters.  Women are built differently, dress differently, and have very different needs from men; manufacturers are finally beginning to recognize this.

Basic Wilderness Survival

Even a short hike in the wild can have disastrous consequences with no warning.  This two hour seminar provides practical, inexpensive and lightweight suggestions and demonstrations of life saving techniques and equipment for use when hiking hunting and camping.

Practical Wilderness Survival

This all-day course includes the classroom content of the Basic Wilderness Survival Course and adds actual experiences – preparing supplies, building shelters, building fires, etc.  Held in an outdoor venue.