I. E. C. Brief

Using the NRA registration site:  detailed instructions


This is will take you to the NRA instructor page and list of classes.  Mark the box next to the desired course, and go to the bottom of the page and put in the zip code 99353.  This will list all the classes in our general vicinity.  Click on the class, check the dates and notes to ensure it an i-e-c class you are signing up for.  You don’t pay on the NRA site, you will pay us directly.

Once you have signed up, we will get in touch with you to talk about how to pay and get a book.  We find that students who have a chance to review the book in advance enjoy the class more, and are able to grasp the fundamentals faster.  There are limited slots for each class, so register early.

Remember, if you have a group  who wants a class other than what is listed, or on other dates, call us!!! We are happy to set something up to meet your needs.  509-948-2233.