Robert A. Margulies


Captain (MC) USN (ret)

Dr. Margulies has served as a police officer and active duty military officer, with special operations training in all services and combat experience.  He is currently a commissioned and sworn Washington State Peace Officer and is a state certified police firearms instructor.

Bob is a 2nd amendment advocate and all classes are taught with the purpose of improving individual and group self reliance and capability. He has been honored by his colleagues on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the American College of Emergency Physicians by being designate a “Hero of Emergency Medicine.”  In 2014, he was recognized as having the longest continuous active career in Emergency Medicine.   All defensive classes in all disciplines emphasize safety and provide additional education and training in the field management of penetrating trauma.  Bob holds several teaching credentials from the NRA.  He is a graduate of the Massad Ayoob Group LFI 40, is a MAG certified Lethal Force Instructor,  and is an affiliated instructor for the US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA).  Bob is long time member, affiliated instructor and strong advocate for the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Fund.


Sara Barron, RN, MS

In addition to her many years as a Registered Nurse and nurse educator, Sara holds several teaching credentials from the NRA.  She has had extensive firearm training from local and nationally known shooting academies, and is a Massad Ayoob Group certified Lethal Force Instructor.  These courses have helped bring her passion for shooting and coaching into a second career.  Her special expertise is working with beginners to develop their confidence and skill in handling firearms.  She provides a special emphasis on defensive awareness and concealed carry techniques for women. Sara is long time member and strong advocate for the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Fund.