Refuse to Be a Victim

We have held our first Refuse to Be a Victim Class and it went very well.  There was a lot of interest in the information on inexpensive ways to improve home safety, and personal alarm options.  We are looking forward to offering this class frequently, and to several different audiences.  One of the audiences we are particularly hoping to to attract is older teens to young adults — those who are moving out on their own and/ or moving to more metropolitan areas.  We are very fortunate and quite spoiled here in the Tri-Cities, because of the relatively low crime rate.  It is easy to think that wherever you go people will be as friendly and trustworthy as our neighbors here.  When someone a little inexperienced and over trusting winds up renting or working in a questionable neighborhood, walking across parking lots or through parking garages in the night, or shopping in much larger and crowded malls, the Refuse to Be a Victim course can provide an awareness and a range of tools one can use to discourage, deter, delay and deflect trouble.  We are looking for good venues, times and dates to offer this class to the public, but if you have a group you’d like a presentation for, please contact us.  Price per person is $40 to the public, but if you are handling the room, advertising, and snacks, that is negotiable —  Please contact us.